Change the Space Between Paragraphs Without Messing up Other Parts of the Document

by Adam   Last Updated January 21, 2018 07:23 AM

For quite some time I was trying to adjust the space between paragraphs by tweaking parskip but after asking two question in here I saw that messing around with it is not a good idea. That is because parskip is a variable that is present in a lot of places within a document (for example in the space between section and subsection titles and in lists). So with every answer in my questions I got even more questions!

This seems to me something that must be easily achieved because it is pretty straighforward and also something that people tweak a lot. Nevertheless I haven't managed to find a good way to do it without changing other aspects of the document.

So all in all:

  1. If someone wants to "safely" change only the space between the paragraphs without mess up other places in the document what is the best way to succeed it?

  2. Why is it such a big deal to simply put extra space between paragraphs? I simply can't understand why there is so much fuss about it!

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