How to plot the following diagram?

by marya   Last Updated January 14, 2018 07:23 AM

I want to plot the following

enter image description here

But I am unable to add the details(the C's with their pointing segment) and unable to keep the $x$-axis shorter than $y$-axis as shown in the diagram. Here is my MWE

  decorations.pathreplacing % <- added
point/.style={circle,draw=black,inner sep=0pt,minimum size=3pt}
    soldot/.style={color=blue,only marks,mark=*}
            axis equal,
            axis lines =middle, xlabel=$x$, ylabel=$y$,
            every axis x label/.style={at=(current axis.right of origin),anchor=west}
          \addplot [blue, smooth,domain=-2:2] {x^3+2};
          \addplot [blue, smooth,domain=-2:2] {x^3+1};
          \addplot [blue, smooth,domain=-2:2] {x^3};
          \addplot [blue, smooth,domain=-2:2] {x^3-1};
          \addplot [thick, red, smooth,domain=-2:2] {x^3-2};
          \addplot[soldot,red]coordinates {(1,-1)} node [anchor=west,text=black]  {$(1,-1)$};
          \node at (axis cs:-0.6,-0.3) [anchor=west] {$0$}; 

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