No spacing in bibliography between author's abbreviated first and middle name for natbib

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How can I get rid of the space between the author's abbreviated first and last name in natbib.

Ex. Chan, A. P. becomes Chan, A.P. ?

I've found that the equivalent in Biber (?) is: \renewrobustcmd*{\bibinitdelim}{}

Is there an equivalent for natbib?

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I think this i similar to the following: Only author's initials in BibTeX natbib using named style or Abbreviated first names without spaces in between?

Basically you need to modify the format-string given to the bst function$, for instance "{f{.}.~}{vv~}{ll}{, jj}" (where the important part is the f{.}).

Please be aware that the "-" in composite names is lost (see abbreviated first names with no "~" but preserving "-")

Matteo Gamboz
Matteo Gamboz
January 09, 2018 15:55 PM

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