Compare 2 layers for like point features

by Andrew Hunter   Last Updated January 13, 2018 23:22 PM

I am looking for a plugin for QGIS that can compare 2 layers and tell me which point features are not common to both and which features are separated by a distance of say plus 1 foot. I am working on a project that we are collecting data on utility poles. We have to collect 100,000 poles and want to compare the position to the company’s data base of positions for the 100,000 poles. I am thinking in the simplest form I will have, what I call my field layer of collected poles w/XY values and the utility supplied layer consisting of information, including XY values. How do I compare the layers and identify which poles are 1) not common to both and 2) Not within say a foot of each other? I have 3 situations where I need this; 1. A pole is not collected in the field because it no longer exists but the utility still has it in the data base 2. A pole is collected but is more than a foot away from where it is supposed to be. We will need to re visit and determine if this a data collection error 3. New poles that the company does not provide data for. I will be using a gps equipped with a laser and camera and my requirement is to take a picture of the id tag but the laser allows us to do this from a distance. My problem is identifying when an operator collects data but not the utility pole but, say a house in the background. This will result in the XY values being > than a foot different. A foot is not my hard target just an example number.

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