Removing grout haze from the grout itself...options?

by DA01   Last Updated May 22, 2020 23:21 PM

I just grouted my new shower floor yesterday using a dark gray (pewter) grout that matches the tiles. Looked great going down.

I let it sit for a half hour, then began wiping off the excess with a sponge and water. After a couple of hours I went back a few more times to clean as much off the grout haze off as I could.

Today...the tiles look great but the grout, itself, is mostly covered in a haze. I've seen lots of people mention using vinegar and water and I've tried that along with a scotch brite pad to scour the grout with, and while that helped a little bit, it didn't really do much given the amount of scrubbing I had to do.

The big box sells an professional acidic haze remover which I may try, but that states I need to wait 7 days before using it...which isn't ideal as we're hoping to be done with the grouting entirely before the plumber comes in a few days.

Would the acidic remover potentially cause issues if I only waited 3 days to use it? Are there any other methods I should consider?

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