Do individual light fittings require a method of isolating them, other than at the distribution board [UK]

by marrold   Last Updated January 14, 2018 02:21 AM

With the 'Internet of Things' becoming more and more popular there's a myriad of 'smart' switches, bulbs, sockets and fittings that can be controlled over RF or Wifi.

With some of these solutions (Phillips Hue etc) the on/off switching takes place within the device itself, and ideally to avoid a situation where the fitting is switched off at the wall it would be best to remove the wall switch all together and leave all the control down to the various apps / remotes etc.

Which leaves me wondering -

1) Are there any regulations or best practises in the UK that require providing isolation to light fittings, other than at the distribution board for changing bulbs / maintenance etc?

2) If yes, can this isolation be provided by another 'smart' device with no physical switch other than an internal relay?

Disclaimer: I'm not an electrician, nor do I intend to make any changes. This is a theoretical question.


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