Which Fan / Blower Type should I chose?

by Eric F   Last Updated January 14, 2018 01:21 AM

So I was hesitating if this is the right Stack Exchange site or the physics one so let me know if you feel the physics one is more appropriate.


I am creating a project where I will need to move small beans around in turbulent air flow. I will have a heat source to which I do not want the heat to leave easily (I want the beans to be allowed to heat up).

I initially tried to purchase a fan that simply had high CFM (about 400 cfm or so) but that seemed to be a poor choice as it just sucks all of my heat away and does not move my beans very effectively. This fan was simply a 120mm computer case fan. I believe my problem was that it pushes air with high velocity but with little momentum behind it.

My thought process

So I feel that this article gives a pretty great definition of the different types of fans and motors. I am not product searching but rather just trying to pick the appropriate blower / fan type that would best help my application.

I think that I want low CFM and high static pressure if I am understanding correctly? Based on this I think that the squirrel cage type blowers may be good enough. Please do correct me if someone has more experience with this though.

Follow up

Once a type is established, what is the best method to actually size up the right sized blower?

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