Preventing electrical back flow on AC circuit breakers

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Here’s my situation. I am trying to add an electric tankless hot water to a 4 unit building. 4 separate circuit breaker box present. The water heater requires 4 sets of 40 Amp breakers at 220-240 volts. I will need to add a separate breaker box which I want to use the 4 existing boxes to supply electricity to. I will take it between the meter and breaker box, thereby eliminating the need to go through the existing circuits but still have it registered on the electric meter. And hence, let the hot water usage be shared among the 4 existing boxes.

My issue is, once I connect all 4 existing box to the new one to supply electricity to the water heater box, I will effectively combine all 4 existing meter as one. I NEED to prevent that. So I’m thinking that just before the existing boxes connects to the new one, I can add something to prevent box A from from drawing from box B, C &D. This will allow flow of electricity only in the direction from boxes ABCD to the new box for the water heater. I am not an electrician but I am handy, so any detailed answer will be appreciated. This way I can have help to evaluate whether it’s possible or not and whether I’ll need a skilled electrician to undertake. Thanks

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Can't be done.

You should get a new meter installed for the water heater.

It's up to you how you get the tenants to pay for the usage. However without also adding hot-water meters for each tenant there is no way to know who is drawing the water and using the power.

Normally landlords embed the common costs in the rent for all units. Or swallow it as cost of doing business.

January 13, 2018 18:00 PM

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