Calculating $P(A,B1,B2,B3)$

by Henry Navarro   Last Updated January 15, 2018 13:19 PM

I have 4 variables and I know the following probabilities:

1) $P(A|B_1)$; $P(A|B_2)$; $P(A|B_3)$;

2) $P(B_1)$; $P(B_2)$; $P(B_3)$.

3) $P(A)$

Of course, I have:

4) $P(A,B_1)$; $P(A,B_2)$; $P(A,B_3)$;

And I need:


Is it possible calculate this probability using some rule o theorem of probability?

I was thinking to use Chain's rule but for this case, It is enough data.

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