kmeans: Question about feature values

by user778806   Last Updated January 14, 2018 11:19 AM

In an example about kmeans for exploratory analysis the instructor examines the centroids and affirms that the centroid coordinates with the highest values are those that "drive" “belonging” to that cluster.

I am unable to understand that.

As an example let’s take a centroid that has, among its N coordinates, coordinates with values 100, 90, -90, -100. I am unable to understand why the coordinates with value 100 and 90 should “drive” the “belonging" to that cluster more than coordinates with value -90 or -100. Euclidean distance seems a relative measure to me, so absolute values should not matter, in general. It seems to me that what the instructor says might be true only if we assume non-negative domains for all the coordinates (not the case in the example he makes).

Can someone help me to understand, correct, confirm, integrate?

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