Raid 5 failure on P400i Controller

by noexpert   Last Updated July 02, 2018 08:00 AM

I was hoping for some help. My server won't boot up into Windows and I get the following errors:

1794-Slot 0 Drive Array - Array Accelerator Battery Charge low Array Accelerator Posted-Write Cache is temporarily disabled
Array Accelerator batteries have failed to charge and should be replaced 1779-Slot 0 Drive Array - Replacement drive(s) detected OR previously failed drive(0) now appear to be operational: Port 1l Box1 Bay 3 Port 2l Box1 Bay 5 Logical drive(s) disabled due to possible data loss. Select "F1" to continue with logical drive(s) disabled. Select "F2" to accept data loss and re-enable logical drive(s)

Can you please advise on whether I need to replace the battery before re-enabling the logical drive? How much data loss am I looking at? Many thanks

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