How can I make old hardware work with new (large) drives?

by jakethehammer   Last Updated April 29, 2018 23:00 PM

Good afternoon,

I picked up three Dell Poweredge 1950s and 4 SunFire X2200s from my local surplus store with the intention to finally build that cluster I've been thinking about for a few months. However, I understand that drives larger than 2.2 TB shouldn't be recognized by the BIOS due to MBR limitations. The Poweredges do have a BIOS update from 2016 but the SunFires were last updated in 2010. My questions are as follows:

  1. Would that BIOS update allow me to use larger drives via GPT, and

  2. Do I have any recourse for making the SunFire servers work with larger drives?

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