Expanding Logical Disk on Fujitsu Primergy T150 S7 running Serverview

by Chrizmo   Last Updated January 27, 2018 16:00 PM

We have a Fujitsu Primergy T150 S7 with an LSI based D2616 RAID controller with a logical drive running on two 146GB SAS drives and RAID 1. We need to expand the logical drive, so we bought two new 600GB drives. We're having some problems with the logical drive expansion as we can't expand from RAID 1 to RAID 1 using ServerView.

According to the ServerView documentation, we can migrate to RAID 0, and then again to RAID 1. However, these seems needlessly complicated and the server is critical with dataloss and (long) downtime not being an option. I also have a fear about ServerView adding the two drives together and expanding the logical disk without me asking it to.

So do we have to migrate to RAID 0 on the current disks, then migrate to RAID 1 on the new disk? Or is there another way?

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