protect NAS shared folder against cryptolocker attack

by EttoreP   Last Updated January 13, 2018 21:00 PM

I got a NAS with some shared folders, for access it a user/pass authentication is needed. My question is about how a malicious software (expecially a cryptolocker) can access to the network folder depending on how i open it.
For example...if i "mount" the network shared folder using "connect network resource" in, let's say, x:\ saving user/pass so the user don't need to insert them every time, when i boot the pc i find x:\ and i can access it, and i guess that the virus can do the same...right?
If instead i only make a directory link that points to the shared folder, and i must insert user/pass when i open it, what happens? When i start the pc the directory is not accessible until when i insert the user/pass for open it, so obviously the virus can't access it...but after i open the folder and i provide user/pass i can access the folder, but the virus? Can it "find" the folder and crypt the files inside it even if the folder have not an address like x:\ or c:\something\somethingelse?

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