Powering a Patch Panel

by J.Monte   Last Updated January 13, 2018 00:00 AM

So I'm in the process of replacing all the telephone wall plates with ethernet plates so I will have the choice to hardwire to the internet from any room if I so desire. right now I have my internet modem in my kitchen from there I have ethernet cord going from my modem to the wall plate that I changed(Let me add at the start of all this I rewired the wall plates to be compatible and work as I have CAT5 wired through my house). NOw the wire running from the kitchen to my garage, where the control panel is located is being used as the master feed to essentially provide internet to the rest of the house. Now the rest of the rooms that have a wall plate have CAT5 wiring going to them as well and all these wires are connected to a patch panel. the patch panel is great if it serves the purpose needed which is feed the rest of the house with the data provided by the main kitchen feed wire.

So my question is how do I Punch the main kitchen wire into the panel so it can provide the data and to all the rooms also punched onto the panel? I've tried googling but only getting info on how to much to panel, nothing on how to power or bring a feed to the panel that will power all the wires connected to that panel. Is it even possible with this type of panel? Also for some reason it won't let me add a photo of the panel. If someone knows how to get this added please let me know. It's telling me I need at least 10 reputations to add photo.

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You don't provide power to a patch panel.

I'm guessing that you've plugged the CAT5 cables from all of the rooms into the front ports on the patch panel. What you need to do is to punch them down to the rear of the patch panel and then plug a cable from the front ports of the patch panel into a network switch.

January 12, 2018 23:41 PM

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