AWS Codebuild Access Denied, can't pull docker image

by Qais Abou Jaoudé   Last Updated January 12, 2018 15:00 PM

I already asked this on Stack Overflow but I figured it would be better to ask it here.

I created a CodeBuild Project that uses a docker image for node8. The purpose of this CodeBuild project is to do unit testing. It takes an input artifact from CodeCommit. And in the buildspec.yml it runs a test command.

This is my (simple) buildspec file:

version: 0.2

     - echo "install phase started"
     - npm install
     - echo "install phase ended"
     - echo "pre_build aka test phase started"
     - echo "mocha unit test"
     - npm test
     - echo "mocha unit test ended"
     - echo "build phase started"
     - echo "build complete"

The build is failing at the DOWNLOAD_SOURCE phase with the following:


Start time 2 minutes ago

End time 2 minutes ago

Message Access Denied

The only logs in the build logs are the following

[Container] 2018/01/12 11:30:22 Waiting for agent ping

[Container] 2018/01/12 11:30:22 Waiting for DOWNLOAD_SOURCE

Thanks in advance.

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