Docker/Kubernetes change volume data without restarting container

by user3069488   Last Updated January 11, 2018 11:00 AM

We have application which is using some additional files from one catalog. Right now when some of this file is changed we need to log in to each application container clone repository and copy files to catalog. We want to automate this process without rebuilding/restarting whole application.

Is there some native approach how to handle such thing?

I was thinking about using docker volume which is use/share by all containers and when is such need to rebuild just volume. Will it work as im expecting without restarting containers which are using this volume?

Or maybe there is some better solution for such case eg like NFS volumes?

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Have a loot at PersistentVolume Access Modes matrix. What you are looking for is either ROX or RWX support. ROX is more common but you'll need some side process to update the content. RWX give you full access to change content on these volumes from any pod.

ROX support is by definition much wider, as you do not need distributed write locking, so if you can handle that (and I think that in your case it is quite probable) that would be the best choice for a shared PV where your changing data can be stored.

Radek 'Goblin' Pieczonka
Radek 'Goblin' Pieczonka
January 11, 2018 10:49 AM

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