Can Docker be run on a VirtualBox with Win 10 as guest and Win 7 as host?

by Markus Deibel   Last Updated January 04, 2018 07:00 AM

For a proof of concept I'm trying to set up docker on a Windows machine. Since I only have access to physical machines with Win 7 I tried to get a Citrix Desktop with Win 10 Enterprise. Docker and the Hyper-V tools were installed OK, but running the "hello-world" container failed - it didn't even start.


This system does not have a hypervisor. (0xc0351000)

I then set up a Virtualbox VM with Win 10 Enterprise and got the same results. Changing the "Accelleration" settings of the VM did not change the results.

I also tried to un/re-install Hyper-V Tools and docker on both systems several times, as this solved the issue (probably on other OS combinations) for some people, but to no avail.

Is this a general problem of running docker in a VM (which I can't really imagine) or rather connected to the fact that

  • the host machine is Win 7 which doesn't know (and thus can't "forward") Hyper-V
  • or the guest is Win 10 64bit which already uses Hyper-V itself and can't provide it for docker?

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