Port a bare-metal service into Kubernetes

by Merc   Last Updated January 01, 2018 03:00 AM

I am new to docker/contaners etc. I have a node server running on a metal machine on port 8080. I have NginX running as a reverse proxy for it.

The application establishes a web socket per client connected, to facilitate real-time chat. At the moment, the websocket map is in-process, which means that I cannot scale to multiple processes (yes, I know, lame); however, I will need to update the architecture so that I allow users to communicate with other users even if they are connected to websockets on different processes.

The database is Mongo.

The question is: what would this look like if I were to port it to Kubernetes? What would it replace, and how? Would I still use NginX? Or would Kubernetes provide a way to act as reverse proxy? If I did that, would that mean that I would be able to deploy my app anywhere, and just see it work? Would the app container include the whole CentOs/Node/etc. stack?

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