How do I set a public IP address for a guest os on Ubuntu Server 16.04

by George   Last Updated December 07, 2017 11:00 AM

I've been struggling for the past two days to make this configuration.

I have a server with 2 ports:
- ens2f0 who needs to be used for assigning real IP address
- ens2f1 who is connected with local IP address (10.20...)

On host I have installed a vm using xen-hypervisor and I want the guest to be connected directly to internet using the real ip address from ens2f0. I've read many tutorials on the web for bridging but all of them shows an example where both host and guest devices has an ip address and there is the problem - I can use only 1 address.

Basically I want to use ens2f0 as a switch.

Any suggestions?

Tags : xen

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