Must I have a certificate per server?

by fUrious   Last Updated November 15, 2017 07:00 AM

I'm building a service in Azure. Rigth now I have 2 servers

  • DC-1
  • Worker-1

Worker-1 does http, ftp and a couple of .exe services that are running around the clock. Both DC and Worker are part of a .com domain I've set up.

I needed to secure some HTTPS service on Worker-1 so I've got a "domain verified" SSL certificate. I now need to secure that FTP service that is running too...

1) Can I use the same certificate or do I have to get another "domain verified" for the (ftp)?

2) Getting a wildcard SSL certificate solves the problem above, where I can secure both (and more) ftps:// and

Please look at 1) as two simple certificates are cheaper than a wildcard so for now it might be the best economical solution.

3) What if I moved the FTPS service to another server? If I create Worker-2 and set up FTPS service on that. Can I still utilize the same certificate? Guessing I at least need a wildcard here as I still have the https running on Worker-1.

Or do I in this case need a "Organization Verified" certificate? I understand there are three types, DV, OV and EV certificates. Could I in 3) simply add the certificates to the Active Directory and everything magically runs? :) Wishful thinking, I'm not sure how certificates work a cross servers in a domain.

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