Is MS-Exchange 2010 user authentication with 3rd parth certifcate possible?

by user156514   Last Updated November 14, 2017 19:00 PM

Is it possible to authenticate ActiveSync sessions to Microsoft Exchange accounts using a certificate created by a third party domain via SCEP?

Just to note:

  • Non of the domain account names match, external uses first.last@, internal uses last.first initial@
  • The networks are not connected, only via sneaker net, private lab pods on private networks.
  • The devices will be using ActiveSync to pull mail from internal exchange server.
  • I trust the external CA's Root CA; as in I know and have a copy of the domain root CA (pub and private)
  • Both Domains are Windows Server 2013. The MS-Exchange is 2010.

I inherited this mess and have been requested with a due date to make the external SCEP certificates work with the internal Domain.

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