LSI MegaRAID 9280-4i4e throws "Unrecoverable error!!! Please check the SDRAM connection."

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Good morn, all! Oh, if only someone had wished the same for me.

Walked in to find the MegaRAID 9280-4i4e w/BBU07 alarming quite loudly and upon rebooting the system (consisting of a 2U 12-bay SuperMicro chassis, 12 SATA 3TB HGST Enterprise and a duplicate somewhat newer 12-bay but with 12 SAS 3TB HGST Enterprise) was confronted with "Unrecoverable error!!! Please check the SDRAM connection."

System has been running without a hitch, other than elevating drive capacities in 2014, since 2012. The card is now out of warranty with concomitant Broadcom advice of expensive replacement. Updated to the latest MSM just this Monday but saw no adverse impact and, as this error is reported in BIOS, doubt any causal relationship.

Now my parents knew the value of money as they hadn't any; therefore, I am loathe to blithely dispose of this considerable investment if at all it can be fixed. After 3hrs research, found advice to simply reseat MegaRAID SDRAM memory or replace the SDRAM and/or the battery. Though 5yrs past was quite familiar with the controller, now... As memory serves, the 512MB SDRAM is one and the same as the CACHE that the BBU07 protects, right?

Removed the battery but was again confronted with the same SDRAM fatality. In addition, the MSM reported the battery doing swimmingly yestereve. Removing 9280-4i4e from server and inserting into a simple non-networked desktop computer yielded the same alarm unpleasantness, hence now focused on the SDRAM.

That is to say I would be, if I knew where the dickens on the card the SDRAM resides. Expected to find a clearly identifiable 512MB DIMM of the familiar variety we've clipped in as CPU memory for lo these many years. I see this not!

Fearing that the SDRAM was soldered onto the board and likely irreplaceable, each visible chip was examined with the most powerful magnifying glass in the world. Yet nothing evincing SDRAM potential was found. This leaves what lies beneath the heatsink which heretofore one imagined was solely the ROC chip.

The heatsink is held in place with what appear to be plastic plungers secured by elastic potential energy. It is not clear at all how depressing these plungers would allow removal of the heatsink. Well, actually, perhaps with a simultaneous twist. Yet evenso, applying as much force as one dared to the plastic plunger the springs proved unyielding. It seems unwise to advance further without certain knowledge that the treasure is indeed herein, lest ignorance vex purpose.

Surely there is one among you, both stalwart and brave, who has delved into this Great Unknown. And, perhaps, stands ready to assist in this endeavor to locate, access, reseat and/or replace the MegaRAID 512MB Cache memory. Pesumably this method is not unique to the MegaRAID 9280-4i4e and would work for all needing to reseat or replace MegaRAID cache on-board memory.

It is passing strange that the methodology to simply replace MegaRAID controller on-board memory, which one would imagine others have sought innumerable times, seems to exist nowhere in cyberspace nor within any LSI documentation. Notwithstanding that the advice to reseat or replace the MegaRAID SDRAM memory was given as if 'twere but marshmallows and blowing ballons.

Secondarily, is there a known source for compatible LSI MegaRAID 512MB 800mhz on-board memory replacement DIMM?

TYIA for any assistance which will hopefully benefit others seeking a solution to the MegaRAID SDRAM connection unrecoverable error to discover precisely how to reseat MegaRAID SDRAM memory module or replace MegaRAID cache memory whenever it proves necessary.

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