Time out from one network

by Roman Marchewka   Last Updated June 23, 2017 15:00 PM

I have a very strange case

We have a server with several IPs. For example: AA.AA.AA.AA; AA.AA.AA.AB; AA.AA.AA.AC; AA.AA.AA.AD; AA.AA.AA.AE; . . . And additional from another pool: SS.SS.SS.SS

Pages and this server display correctly from all ISPs except one. With this particular ISP we get time out for all IPs. On all devices on the network. Pings are back but the webpage do not open. With other service / ports (21,25,587,25,465) is also a problem.

Iptables are clean (even if this isp provides dynamic IP)

It looks like the connection was sitting on the firewall/blacklist.

Is there a way to verify who is guilty? Is it a server company or internet provider? Maybe the problem lies entirely elsewhere?

The server works with debian 8.8 + bind9 + apache2 + fail2ban (when it is disabled identically)

Please help and apologize for my english

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