StorCLI: storcli show and "Hlth: Opt": how exhaustive is this?

by gravyface   Last Updated March 16, 2017 17:00 PM

I'm working on a script using StorCLI (Ver 1.21.06).

When I run:

./storcli show

I get (abbreviated):

Status Code = 0
Status = Success

As well as:


Q1. I'm curious to know what the Status/Status code actually means: does this have anything to do with the status of the controller or just that the command executed successfully?

Q2: how exhaustive is the "./storcli show" command? i.e. is the "Hlth: Opt" result including physical disk health or just controller health (battery, etc.)?

The reference manual is pretty terse, with only the following description of the show command as follows:

storcli show

This command shows a summary of controller and controller-associated information for the system. The summary includes the number of controllers, the host name, the operating system information, and the overview of existing configuration.

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