How to Use Puppet python module in manifest file

by bobby   Last Updated August 01, 2020 14:00 PM

I am writing a puppet manifest file to install python and pymongo.
This python module is installed on the server, link shown below

Here is the manifest file I created. But it say unknown class and resource . Please suggest what wrong in the syntax.

class { 'python' :
  version           => 'system',
  pip               => 'present'

  python::pip { 'pymongo' :
    pkgname         => 'pymongo',
    ensure          => '2.7',

It says Unknown class: 'python and Unknown resource type: 'python::pip'


Tags : puppet python

Answers 1

Looks like stankevich-python is not installed in your modulepath. Did you run:

puppet module install stankevich-python

You can check you modulepath on Puppet master using:

puppet config print modulepath --section master
March 13, 2016 13:10 PM

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