Performance issues with self-built NAS

by Niksac   Last Updated August 10, 2017 13:00 PM

I set up a little NAS system for my personal use. It's an Ubuntu system running on a fan-less Atom-powered mini ATX mainboard which I extended with a usb3 pci card to get best possible performance for the whole system. There are 2 USB3 external drives which I write to using Gigabit ethernet.

I get ~12 Mb/s writing to the NAS and roughly 75 when reading. (I'm good with that reading rate.)

The Ubuntu is running on a usb pendrive and is rather slow in terms of write operations, but writing to the pendrive should not be involved in the process - right?

I set up a web server on my computer and used wget to pull a large file into /dev/null. I copied with 70Mb/s and more which is good. Writing to the usb mount instead gives me the ~13 Mb/s I already saw from the smb transfer.

When I connect the external drives directly to my computer I get insane writing speeds. Could you guys give me a hint as to how to find the bottleneck?

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This was totally a filesystem issue. The Linux ntfs-3g driver is just to slow to perform at reasonable speed. Both HDDs are now formatted with EXT4 and the speed increased to more than 70mb / S.

I wanted ntfs to be able to quickly connect the drives to my Windows PC which now needs a plugin to handle the EXT4 Drives.

May 01, 2012 21:45 PM

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