Pink and green lines on shots

by Melman   Last Updated January 11, 2018 09:18 AM

I got a canon eos 6D 2 days ago for a low price, took a few shots yesterday and suddenly green and pink lines appeared all over the pictures as can be seen in the link.

I would like to know what causes that. If it is my lack of experience or I was sold a damaged camera and how I can get this fixed...

I got this effect, more or less pronounced and at different places in the image, for example sometimes only a large green line in the middle. I saw it in most shots at that shooting place, in these light conditions and camera settings. Trying again this morning changing aperture I could not see anything much, but suspect some pink effects near the picture borders. I tried with two lenses, the pic here was taken with the 85 mm f1/8. Also tried the 50mm, same things. I want to investigate more but insights are more than welcome.

Thank you a lot !

Pink and green lines over a door picture illuminated with white light

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