Top lens for kitesurfing

by Cortega   Last Updated January 09, 2018 23:18 PM

What is the best lens for kitesurfing photography? A similar question was asked before, but I need a bit more clarity if possible. I'm hesitating between the Canon 500mm f4 II vs Canon 400mm f2.8 or Canon 200-400 with 1.4x

I have a 5D Mark iv (and a 6D body as well). I have the 70-200 f2.8, which is a great lens that I use for indoor sports, but I feel the need for longer reach to photograph kitesurfing from the beach. I also used the 70-300 that has a bit more reach but IQ seems far below the 70-200. Finally, in terms of my current gear I just ordered the Canon 100-400L II and also a 1.4x teleconverter to get some of that reach and flexibility

My doubts are for kitesurfing. I believe I need the reach, the aperture is important but I tend to shoot with good light. I wonder about the need for the flexibility of the zoom (hence my adding into the mix the 200-400 1.4x TC)

The 500mm f4 II has the focal length, IQ, not too heavy (compared with the 600mm, the 400mm 2.8 or the 200-400) and reasonably fast. It does not have the widest aperture of 2.8, nor the zoom flexibility

The 400mm f2.8 seems to be the lens for sports. However for indoor sports I use the 70-200 f2.8, but for outdoors and in particular for kitesurfing with reasonable light I wonder if that aperture is really a must

The 200-400 f4 1.4x seems great for the flexibility in focal length at a decent IQ. Having ordered the 100-400 II may provide me that flexibility (although losing IQ)

What's the experience of kitesurfing photographers, do you need the zoom flexibility? Do you value the focal length more? What would you recommend?

The other possibility for reach is getting a new body 7D mark ii (although it may be an overkill for camera bodies) to take advantage of the cropped sensor, but I fear I may lose out on IQ vs the FF that I could crop in post if need be.


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