How to fire an external flash in Liveview mode on a Canon 77D?

by JonathanReez   Last Updated December 27, 2017 17:18 PM

I've bought a non-TTL Yungnuo flash (YN-560 IV) for my Canon 77D and it works fine when shooting through the viewfinder. However switching to Liveview mode I found out that annoyingly it stops working. It is possible to get the flash to fire if I switch to high-speed burst mode, however in that case the flash fails to synchronize with the camera properly. Is there a way to force the camera to sync the manual flash properly?

I've read the answers to this related question, however my camera doesn't have a Silent shooting mode so they don't apply. Likewise the Canon manual says:

A non-Canon flash will not fire during Live View shooting.

However it obviously does if I switch to high-speed mode and the manual doesn't say anything about how to enable proper synchronization.

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