Bad Image, Low Amount of Stars

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I am new to astrophotography and I take most my pictures at around 11pm, which is reasonably dark. The only lights which are on near me are street lights and they are behind trees. I am struggling to take pictures though and my final pictures seem to be full of noise, maybe 40 stars maximum. On top of that, there seems to be streaks of yellow and other colours going across the image if you look closely. Another problem is that the bottom of my pictures seems to glow, almost as if there was a candle sitting on the floor radiating light into the picture. I don't know why my camera comes out with such bad pictures and can't pick up many stars. My camera is a Canon Powershot G1X. I take my pictures at 2 seconds shutter speed (above 10, the picture becomes white) and I use ISO 12800(I use this so my camera actually picks up stars. At 1600, it picks up less stars than my eyes.) and f2.8

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lower your iso 1600-3200 tripod, increase shutter speed try somewhere between 15-20seconds work on the rule of 500 to avoid star trails. alternatively if can be faffed go research stacking... which can reduce noise effectively at higher iso than normal.

December 20, 2017 07:46 AM

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