Calculating cost of Inks

by harshitgupta   Last Updated September 08, 2017 15:18 PM

I am working on an app in which I need to estimate the amount of ink used to print something and corresponding cost. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question. If not, please point me that way.

I have per dot cost of the CYMK. Let's say:

  • Cyan costs a
  • Magenta costs b
  • Yellow costs c
  • Black costs d

I know the RGB value of the dot I am doing to print. So I convert the RGB to CMYK. let's say

(X, Y, Z)(rgb) => (0.5, 0.25, .9, .2)(cmyk)

My question is, If its ok to calculate the cost like following:

total_cost = (0.5 * a) + (0.25 * b) + (0.9 * c) + (0.2 * d)

Please let me if I am missing something.

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