Is it possible to combine multiple cameras for improved detail?

by Ben Crowhurst   Last Updated May 30, 2017 08:18 AM

I'm a novice to photography and I'm wondering if its possible to combine multiple cameras to get a greater level of precision? I'm thinking that if you capture more light you should be able to improve the quality?

What is the name of this process?

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What you are suggesting is very much along the lines of how radio telescope arrays work.

Overlaying multiple images from the same camera (be that video or still) is a well known way to reduce noise (it normalises the image) or to gather more detail in low resolution images.

To grab small areas, for example faces from CCTV, it is possible to use multiple cameras.

However I don't know what the process is called.

Digital Lightcraft
Digital Lightcraft
August 13, 2012 19:22 PM

Using multiple cameras to shoot the same subject were first done on television in the 1920s. Cinerama is a widescreen process that use three film cameras and then three film projectors.

By the way, taking shots of the same subject with different camera settings, by one or more cameras, is called Bracketing.

William C
William C
August 14, 2012 15:35 PM

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