Magic Lantern in 2020 or native specs

by Nassif Visuals   Last Updated June 29, 2020 20:18 PM

I am photographer and videographer and my main subject is product photography (antiques, watches, jewelry,...) and one of my biggest issue is poor sharpness and bad looking video from my Canon 77D.

I was planning to upgrade to the Fujifilm XT4 wich offers native 10-bit 4k at an impressive bitrate of 400mbs. That would solve my issues, however I am considering the fact that I own may Canon's glass (like the 2nd version of the 24-70 2.8L), since I want to upgrade for getting better video results, I am not sure if it worth considering the 5D mkIII with Magic Lantern, wich seems to allow 4k ROW at 14-bits. It is way cheaper for me and easier to get in short term.

I am truly confused guys with the "exact specs" ML allows in the 5D III, and if it worth considering it in 2020. So I highly appreciate your recommendations.

About the 5D mkIII specs I would appreciate if someone can tell me of there is a crop as you get in high resolution, if the footage is sharp, what is the maximum bitrate, what is the maximum frame rate, and what are the limitation of pushing the specs toward the limits.... what is the most best/usable/stable you can get form ML in the 5D mkIII?

Thank you in advance.

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