Can I hang a heavy lens vertically from the body?

by user2259438   Last Updated May 22, 2020 22:18 PM

I recently purchased a Cotton Carrier system which uses a clip to hang the camera vertically from the chest area. I am using this with a D500 and a 200-500 lens, which has a tripod foot. When I am using a tripod, naturally I use the Arca-Swiss mount to attach the tripod foot to the tripod. However with the Cotton Carrier, it would keep the camera closer to my body and more stable if I could attach their clip to the body rather than then lens.

Is this an acceptable way to carry a body+lens? I understand it would not be a good idea if the lens were held out horizontally from the camera, but I don't know the physics of it if the lens is vertical underneath the body. It is a different direction of force, but I am unsure if it is worse/better.

Tags : physics

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