a general account on parameters of a camera; which are innate, which are derived, which can be processed later, etc

by Y. Si   Last Updated July 19, 2018 07:18 AM

So we all know there are 3 golden parameters in camera: aperture, iso, shutter speed. I could sense those 3 parameters are innate, which means they are directly related to the mechanics of the camera, they are set before light is hit and determine how the the light is received, they are difficult or impossible to change after the photo is token.

There are other parameters that are derived from the 3, such as exposure.

There are also parameters that could easily be manipulated after a photo taken in raw, like white balance (not sure though) and tons of others in photoshops or the software inside the camera.

I ask this because its useful to know in practice. You know some priority and not worry too much on effects that can modify later on. Also you know how to adjust a parameter, the underlining formula, which other parameters will be affected.

Some parameters I am not sure are like contrast, saturation, etc. I know depending on camera, many parameters are meant to be processed differently maybe.

So what other important adjustable parameters are innate, derived, or belong to post-process? What are their formulas and intuitions? Thanks for any ideas and contributions!

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