Used Metal Knife on Aluminum Cake Pan, is it Ruined?

by brian   Last Updated February 11, 2018 19:17 PM

I'm learning to make cakes from scratch and bought two of these 4-inch round pans to make a small layered cake.

After letting my layers cool, I turned one layer out and the cake fell from the pan after a few good raps on the bottom. The other layer was being a bit stubborn so i used a butter knife to separate the cake from the edge of the pan.

After I did that, I noticed some small shiny bits of metal on the outside of the second layer. I have two questions:

  1. Is this a normal consequence of using aluminum cake pans or did I get a really low quality pan (it was the cheapest one at my local kitchen store)?
  2. If this is a normal consequence of using aluminum cake pans, have I ruined this pan by scratching it or can I use it again as long as I don't use a metal knife to release the cake?

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