Chart Drill Down in Phone Devices

by FDelgado   Last Updated January 12, 2018 22:16 PM

Hello I was wondering if anyone has good references on this topic or if you can share your thoughts on some questions I have.

Imagine charts with 30 days of data that will allow you to drill down in each day. Panning and Zooming inside the charts are options available.

Based on the previous scneario these are the questions that arise.

  1. Does it make sense to have this type of interaction in a phone device?
  2. Should we follow a more conventional way of navigation (Menu, lists, etc)? And only have the chart as non interactive infographic.
  3. Should we worry for the height of the chart? Since not all phones have the same screen sizes it feels like we will need to make the chart the only available object on the screen.

My biggest concern is that having this type of interaction may not be as easy for user to understand and navigate in phone devices.

What do you guys think?

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