Problem with mesh animation

by RistarFruit   Last Updated January 16, 2018 02:15 AM

I haven't seen any questions like this asked on stack exchange so I wanted to ask it myself.

I ran into a problem with my model when animating its run cycle. When I check the walk cycle that I made, the model is stuck in it's pose from the run cycle: it's turned 90 degrees and the head is looking upward. Now it looks like its swimming. How can I fix it so that both animations are separate and function independently? I know that the image below is insufficient. I would like to know how to upload blender files to this site so that I can get help more accurately.

enter image description here Also, I would like to know how to exit out of the animation and put my model back in its t-model position so that I can finish rigging the face with UVs. I know how to collapse the dope sheet window, but when I scroll through the timeline at the bottom, it still has the animation saved and my model goes back into the running position.

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