Can Cycles baking be done so that glossy reflections aren't included?

by kim holder   Last Updated January 13, 2018 21:15 PM

I have a large interior scene with a lot of complex lighting, and I'm trying to reduce render times in it as much as possible. It includes things like floors made of frosted glass, lots of point and area lights, and exterior light filtering between beams. So, I'm looking for a way to bake the diffuse lighting onto the textures of objects, but have the glossy reflections render normally. Can that be done?

If it can be done in the Blender render engine, that would also be good to know.

It has occurred to me that maybe this can be faked, by baking the diffuse lighting onto the objects after unchecking the Glossy box under Cycles Settings in the object properties, and then creating copies of the objects and unchecking all Cycles Settings except glossy... Would that then mean that rendering is only calculating the glossy reflections on the fly, and doing everything else with the texture, so it is still a lot faster?

This is the sort of situation I'm dealing with:

enter image description here

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