How to get a transparent shader equal to the Maya`s x-ray shader?

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I have several pieces ensambled ones with anothers, and I need to see them transparent to see´(in the work view) how they fit together and modify it as needed. For that, I need them to be semitransparent. Specifically I´m looking for the same effect that you get in Maya when you apply to a mesh the X-ray shader.

I´ve been looking for tutos and answsers buy none of what I found looked as I am looking for.

In the file, I have a material formed by: diffuse + transparent bsdf connected to a mix shader connected to the material, but I still does not see the pieces transparent in the work view nor in the rendered view (in render circles).

Any way to do it? or any idea of why I don´t see the material transparent?

Thanks a lot

Answers 1

First option - Cycles in Rendered view.


You can mix Transparent with Diffuse or in this case Emission shader by Layer Weight > Facing. Additionally you can add Color Ramp to have even more control over Facing falloff.

This material is added to the monkey mesh.


Second option - X-Ray in any other view.


This option will allow you to see chosen object trough everything else in the scene. You will need to check X-Ray under Object tab > Display section > X-Ray.


This option is turned on for the sphere mesh.

January 13, 2018 18:14 PM

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