Changing bone in edit mode deforms model

by Konnie   Last Updated January 13, 2018 16:15 PM

So I've been trying to make some models for unity and VRChat, though when given an error about the Angle between Pelvis and Thigh bones should be around 180 degrees, my models' isn't and when I attempt to make it 180' by rotating the bones in edit mode, it also rotates the weights of the Pelvis.

Here's what I mean overall ((Hover over image for breif explanation of what's what):

Bone position that works (says angle is 144'): Bone position that works well in Unity

Unity screen

Though when I attempt to 'fix' the model by rotating the leg bones in edit mode, this happens in Unity as it rotates the legs: Blender screen, don't mind no texture

How it turns out in unity

I hope I explained what needed to be explained but I can answer any questions on this, how would I make it be like the 3rd image (one with white textures) without it deforming the model?

Thank you!

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