180 degree shutter rule in VFX

by Skyworker Studio   Last Updated January 19, 2019 12:15 PM

I've always been wondering about this topic for so long and haven't come across any related article about it.So here's my questions:
How does it apply to the vfx shot? I mean now most of the Hollywood films have a lot of vfx shots in it and at the same time the "180 degree shutter rule" is still very popular among the filmmakers. But the goal to stick to the rule is to have a "cinematic look," or say a natural "motion blur." But as a vfx artist, we all knew that motion blur can be tricky when doing "motion tracking" or "motion capture."
So now what? Can we achieve both or we have to choose one? How did the people in the industry approach such thing? Did they make a fake motion blur after tracking or they just track the shaky footage?

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