Appending groups, all subsequent group's armatures not visible (but shown as linked/grayed)?

by Logic1   Last Updated July 14, 2018 08:15 AM

I have a few characters in separate .blend files each as a group called "Model" that I am attempting to add to a single scene. I am using python scrips to mass append each external group then immediately scale and offset it.

When I create a new .blend file (named: "sceneLoader.blend") and copy/past the below script then run, I see my newly appended character and armature group just fine and as expected.

But, if I select everything and delete, then run the script again, sometimes the armature is missing but the character mesh always comes through.

Weirder still, I can see the armature's hierarchy in the outliner but it is grayed out! And by double clicking on it produces the error: Cannot edit external libdata as if it were attempting to link instead of append???

Here's the script I use to produce this scenario:

blendfile = r"C:\Users\user\AppData\LocalLow\someapp\Scenes\Test123\myfile.blend"

section   = "\\Group\\"
object    = "Model"

if (object in[object].name = object + ".001"

filepath  = blendfile + section + object
directory = blendfile + section
filename  = object

scale = 0.47
offset_z = 0.068


object =[object].objects[0]
object.scale = (scale, scale, scale)
object.location = (0,0,offset_z)

Note that I have many models I am trying to load into my scene, all of which have different parameters such as scale and offsets, but each group is named "Model". And[object].objects[0] should point to the empty on the character which the armature and mesh have been parented to.

I don't understand it, why am I only able to run this once initially and it works fine but on subsequent runs sometime the armature is not there?

Tags : python

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