Help me find these games

by MemphameHeroic   Last Updated January 14, 2018 04:14 AM

Around 2007, I went and searched for physics games and discovered these two games made by one person. The first is a vehicle deathmatch game, it had tanks, cars, boats with wheel to drive on land, and helicopters, the art style cel-shaded, and you can also find and attach weapons like a spiked ball to a vehicle that you control. You win the game by being the last player standing. The other game is has a silhouette foreground but with a colored pictured background that gives you the idea you're in a cave, I think the game is only showing off it's physics engine because all you do is drag around your humanoid ragdoll character as well as being able to drag around critters and other humanoids like yourself. There is no end to the game even after you've killed all the mobs in the cave. I remember downloading those games from an archive directory that the developer of the game own. That's all I can remember. I wish you can help me, and thank you.

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