minecraft pocket editon cant get creepypastas skinpack to work i made this for 2 days and no skins show up ingame

by Lil Davie   Last Updated January 14, 2018 00:14 AM

I can't get any of my skins to show up ingame pls hello really slender 2 days making it please help me.😭

Here's The Codeing I did in skins.json

{ "geometry": "skinpacks/skins.json", "skins": [ { "localization_name": "Herobrine", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Herobrine.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Herobrine Jr.", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "HerobrineJr.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Alexis", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "alexis.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Enderbrine", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "enderbrine.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Red Eyes Of Darkness", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": Redeyesherobrine.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Entity 303", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Entity303.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Entity 404", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Entity404.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Entity 999", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "entity999.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Error 111", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Error111.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Error", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "error.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "None", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "None.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Lick", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Lick.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Null", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "Null.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Null [Female]", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "nullfemale.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Green Steve", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "GreenSteve.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Lava Steve", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "LavaSteve.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "Blue Steve", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "BlueSteve.png", "type": "free" }, {
"localization_name": "Dark Steve", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "DarkSteve.png", "type": "free" }, { "localization_name": "John", "geometry": "geometry.humanoid.custom", "texture": "John.png", "type": "free" }

], "serialize_name": "Minecraft Creepypastas", "localization_name": "error" }

this is what its doing enter image description here

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