Sync each object's transform from own script with Google Play Games Realtime Multiplayer

by modernator   Last Updated July 02, 2018 08:13 AM

I'm planning a co-op shooter for android with Google Play Games, and it will have lots of enemies to sync their transform.

I can send their transform by calling "PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.RealTime.SendMessageToAll" method, but there's no way to distinguish where's the data should be go. I mean if I got the message, like transform and rotation, how do I know where to use this transform values?

When I used Photon before, for example, I can sync their transform themselves by just adding PhotonView and listener, or using PhotonRPC. But in GPGS Realtime MP, I can't find any information about that, even similar, it seems there's no way to do same way.

So one thing I can imagine is that put some additional data to distinguish which object should be use the data just got from listener, but have no idea to achieve that.

I could try to solve it, and will try of course, however I just want to know before begins that is there a feature/way to sync object's transform themselves, not dispatch from single centralized object manually?

Any advice will very appreciate it.

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