Tetris Battle Game mechanics

by patrik   Last Updated April 30, 2018 15:13 PM

I am spending far too much time developing a multiplatform Tetris Battle clone. I am wondering about the game mechanics of Tetris Battle and how the send lines logic works. I have no Facebook account and I gained my current knowledge reading and looking on You Tube clips but lacking some insights:

My board have 22 rows where 2 are hidden.

Q1: If I send 10 lines to my opponent that already have the height of 14, what should happen?

Currently I just insert 8 of the 10 lines sent and if there is no possibility for the placement of the piece I get a KO bonus and the all the sent lines are cleared.

The alternative is just to add the lines and removing the top of the players current setup. In the example above I would add 10 lines and remove 2 to a total of 22. If there is still room in the middle where a new tetromino is placed the player continues otherwise I receive a KO.

Q2: If there is a tetromino in game and I receive lines from an opponent then I add the lines to the bottom of the board and restart the placement of the tetromino at the top. Is this how it supposed to work?

I don't mind being original but I would like to understand what gives the best gaming experience.


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