Property replication vs RPC: Communication directions

by Roi Danton   Last Updated March 29, 2018 23:13 PM

I have an UParticleSystemComponent attached to ACharacter. Its activation is controlled by user input, so it receives several updates per second.

For replicating the activation state of the particle system, the user input triggers an update of the value of a replicated variable (UPROPERTY(Replicated)) on the ACharacter. This works fine for the direction

  • Listen server -> Clients,

however not for the directions

  • Client -> Listen Server
  • Client -> Client.

I assume this is the case b/c "Property updates only come from the server (i.e., the client will never send property updates to the server)".

So for Client -> Client replication I have to rely on RPCs and can't use property replication at all?

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