unity - should I be using zenject and does zenject cause problems with coroutines

by eternalNoob   Last Updated November 23, 2017 23:13 PM

I want to write good code quickly but I am working alone so I have limited time to invest. Is it worthwhile to use zenject and dependency injection? I've seen people suggesting it feels like fighting unity as it doesn't fit very well together, and other ioc frameworks don't work due to object/cpp duality or some such. I've seen some comments suggesting that you can basically use the editor as an injector? and I've seen a comment suggesting unity already supports other techniques for inversion of control besides dependency injection, making it reduntant or at least not worthwhile to use dependency injection frameworks like zenject. In addition, I have also seen a couple of comments that seemed to suggest when using zenject you can't use coroutines? I make extensive use of coroutines so this would be problematic.

What standards are worthwhile investments as a solo-dev while taking into considerations the limited time? I don't want to get bogged down again in cruft and find myself not getting anything done. But at the same time I see problems in the way I've started working that, while quick and not such a problem while things are fresh in my mind, will cause maintenance troubles down the line.

I will try to make some time to play around with zenject, but I'm worried I will make uninformed decisions based on a couple of hours of playing around.

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